The Lost Valley | Glencoe, Scotland © Erika Weeks

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Klô Pelgag in a crop circle full of chair for a concert for invisible entity

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No photoshop. Just a kitty with HUGE EYES.

The lighting in this photograph is amazing~

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More Images:

Photographer/Makeup/Model: Jennifer Flapjack

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Molly Strohl (USA) - 1,3: Jettison series  2,5,6,7: Star Dust series  4,8: Fine Arts series    Photography

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Entering a silent building in the dark of night, and waiting for the deep blue strains of nautical twilight to light up the building, every footstep and creak of the building resounds throughout, almost deafening.  There is nothing to do but walk about, feeling one’s way until the gloaming light allows one to see their first shot of the morning.  This was one of my first shots of the morning in the Wingdale Wards at Harlem Valley State Hospital; a long exposure, it was much darker and more eerie in person, as the blue light of morning began to flow into the 1932 building.

Print available on SmugMug.

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